What Others are Saying

What Others are Saying

Listed are just a few of the many testimonials we’ve received from our friends who’ve purchased the book “It’s Showtime! A Reflection of a Titus 2 Woman” and those who have experienced mentorship and counseling from Geneva Hackett Ministries.






It's Showtime!: A Reflection of a Titus 2 Woman is a fabulous must-read, inspirational book! Pastor Hackett reflects on some of her own personal testimonies and life lessons incorporating scriptures as a foundation to her own personal and spiritual development. This book highlights the critical need for strong, mentoring relationships among Christian women so that the next generation of believers are encouraged and equipped to be the Godly women that the Lord created us to be!



"It's Showtime! A Reflection of a Titus 2 Woman" is a must read for every lady. I was able to gain wisdom on the importance of preparation, obedience to God and loving the way I was created after reading this book. Pastor Geneva Hackett has written it in a simplistic way that allows the reader to comprehend what God is saying to His daughters. In the past I have struggled with being the individual God has created me to be. "It's Showtime" has helped me to understand that I am loved and approved by God, which has lead to a more confident and fearless self. Through following Pastor Geneva over the last several years, I have witnessed her exemplification of the Titus 2 Woman.  It has allowed me to see that this is an obtainable life that each daughter of God can experience.



It's SHOWTIME! A Reflection of a Titus 2 Woman provides a powerful yet encouraging word to young women Believers. I appreciate your honesty & transparency in identifying some of the real struggles that young women face and at times fall victim to. In sharing pieces of your own testimony, you continue to serve as a mentor, teaching young women how to live victoriously in every area of their life. You also encourage us to love ourselves and to hold on to the promises that God has for us without wavering in our faith. Thank you for this life changing word!!!



I just wanted to write in and let you know what a blessing It's Showtime is for young women. As a young professional woman, I found the book offered sound, practical and Godly life management advice for women. This book is a must read for any young woman because it contains nuggets of sound wisdom for every season of life.




Your book is awesome!  Losing my mother left a void in my life because there were many things I still needed to learn.  Your book, which is full of wisdom that every woman needs to know, will be the guide I use to become the woman that God has destined me to become.  Thank you.




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